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Grin Coin What is

What is

Grin Coin What is

Grin Coin What is

Grin Coin What is ?  There are 3 main features that make Grin operations special:

  1. No address
  2. No quantity
  3. 2 transactions, one that spends the other, can be merged into a block to create only one by removing all agent information.

Grin Coin What is ?

Team Commentary: the first 2 features mean that all transactions are indistinguishable from each other. If you haven’t entered the process directly, all inputs and outputs appear to be random data fragments. Moreover, there is no need for further action in one block. A Grin block appears as a giant process, and the entire original relationship between inputs and outputs is lost.

As they explain about Grin Coin, thanks to the Mimblewimble process and block format, we can combine transactions when a output is spent directly by someone else’s input. When Alice gives Bob money and then Bob gives it all to Carol, Bob leaves no trace or data stored during the transfer. Bob moves on as if he didn’t send any money.

Grin Coin

For Grin coin Most exits between the blocks eventually result in another entry being spent. So all spent output can be safely removed. And the entire blockchain can only be stored, downloaded, and verified in a period of only a few gigabytes or less (assuming a number of transactions similar to bitcoin).

This means that Grin scales the number of users (unspent outputs) of the blockchain,not the number of transactions. Currently, there is a warning about this: a small piece of data (called the core, about 100 bytes) must remainfor each transaction.  However, the grin team is working to optimize this as well.

Editor’s Comment: Grin Coin seems logically appropriate, but we don’t look very positively. In fact, the subject or study is the money transfer without a trace. Grin is ambitious, but we have no idea what kind of support or will try to block the progress of such projects by the authorities or international government agencies. The authorities are already against a secret job. There’s a lot of ideas about software hiding behind cryptocurrencies, especially in money laundering. We’ll see what this grin will make.

Grin Coin Wallet Address 

No, there’s no address. All outputs in Grin are unique and do not contain common data with any previous output. Instead of relying on a known address to send money, transactions must be created interactively with two (or more) wallets that exchange data with each other. This interaction does not require both parties to be online at the same time. Practically speaking, there are many ways two programs can interact privately and securely. This interaction can even take place via e-mail or Signal (or operator pigeons). Grin coin review

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